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Ministers Island is an historic Canadian island in New Brunswick’s Passamaquoddy Bay near the town of St. Andrews. The 690-acre island lies several hundred metres offshore …  a geographical novelty in that it is accessible at low tide by a wide gravel bar suitable for vehicular travel.

TheIsland became famous in the last decade of the nineteenth century as the summer home of Sir William Van Horne, the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. By the time of Van Horne’s death in 1915, the island had been transformed into a small Xanadu, sporting a sandstone mansion furnished in the most lavish late Edwardian manner, manicured grounds, scenic roads, greenhouses turning out exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as a breeding farm producing prize-winning Clydesdale horses and Dutch Belted cattle. It was the most spectacular of many palatial summer homes in St. Andrews, which  had become a watering place of note on the Canadian east coast. (After Wikipedia)

During the period from 2003 to 2008 the Van Horne Estate at Ministers Island (VHEMI) was formed to manage the island as a tourist attraction. The media provided in this file were collected during this period and are made available by subscription. The collection included hundreds of images.

On receipt of payment you will be emailed your link and password.

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